Friday, 5 June 2015

Hawthonn for download

Apologies for the quiet period, we've been busy all spring trying to find a new home, hopefully the summer will find us moving in.

We decided to release Hawthonn's first album as a download as we had no joy finding a label to facilitate a physical release, although since initiating the download we've had some interest so look out for further issues in the future.

The most lovely part of releasing the music was getting such amazing feedback, I've not had a great deal of feedback on my creative output before so it was deeply overwhelming to read positive words written by such esteemed and talented people.

Here are a few excerpts and links to reviews so far;

 "Hawthonn’s success as a conceptual album can be seen in its eerie evocation of Coil’s underlying themes – ghostly sketches of possibility emerge from these sonic landscapes, a peculiar and specific spirit hovers over the work. Using what can in some sense be described as musical necromancy the Legards have created a series of sound evocations that allow the listener to embark on a mythopoetic voyage beyond the waking world. Diving deeply into the album’s compositional techniques one begins to understand the delicate process which lead to this effective evocation of Balance’s spirit" - David Metcalfe

"Hawthonn is a unique and visionary piece of music that is clearly a labour of love and is utterly heartfelt. It speaks of Balance himself and of his loss. It also evokes a rural unease and a true sense of nature at its most wild and unknowable. You need this album; this is an incredible and special work that needs to be heard and experienced. Sit beneath the Hawthonn and let the moon play you her music." - Grey Malkin