Thursday, 22 March 2012

Institute of Stone Age Sex performance - Why Rush?

The Institute will be leading more forays into folk wyrdness at the Temple Works in Leeds on the 11th of May for the Why Rush? festival of experimental performance.

The Institute now features not one but two wonderful cellists as we have been blessed with the presence of Briony Yorke among our number. Also on the bill is another Institute member Seth Cooke, performing as Ultra Humanitarian.

We will also be leading a workshop on the Sunday on using vocal improvisation and vowel singing techniques. Come, drink and be merry!

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

203 Years

Today, on the 203rd anniversary of Mary Bateman's execution, Briony Yorke and I visited the Thackray Museum to play a song to Mary. The Yorkshire Witch, who is macabre entertainment for the visitors to the museum, received a short recital, on cello and voice of a Yorkshire dialect song.

Two days after Mothering Sunday, on the spring equinox, we play a dirge to the sad remains of a women who left behind four children to die on the gallows. Nothing is sacred - every emotion, every memory has a price. No forgiveness or peace for those who, through their misery, can bring financial gain.

Monday, 19 March 2012

12 Tapes

Aghartha and Seth recording in the Dark Arches.

I will be involved in a 12 hour long performance, 8am-8pm this Friday the 23rd of March at Gallery II in Bradford- the first performance of 12 Tapes which was conceived by Seth Cooke and our fellow Bang the Borers. The project has involved recording performances in 'B' inside car parks to cassette tape. Seth, Briony Yorke and I spent an evening a few weeks back recording in several car parks in Leeds for this project, including down in the Dark Arches, which came complete with its own ambient 'B' drone.

Also curated by Bang the Bore - this event at Left Bank on Cardigan Road in Leeds looks to be exciting.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Wakefield Rhubarb Morris dancing

I danced on the streets of Merrie Wakefield last weekend, hopefully not invoking the blessing of fertility in myself and my fellow Briggates.

Kirkstall Garland

We also saw Wharfdale Wayzgoose Border Morris doing some very wonderful dances, I think Phil was nearly recruited on the spot.

And the Rhubarb tarts Molly side, who invited Briggate along, were colourfully splendid and provided actual Rhubarb tarts, which were very good!

I'm already looking forward to my next dance out at Harewood house in April!