Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Stirling Star Pyramid and Martyrs' Monument

In the Valley Cemetery, under shadow of Stirling Castle is the amazing star pyramid, built in 1863 as a monument to those who suffered religious and social intolerance in Scotland.

"Consider mine enemies, how many they are. And they bear a tyrannous hate against me"

The beautiful Martyr's monument stands nearby in the graveyard was commissioned by the same man, William Drummond, in honor of the Wigtown Martyrs.

The graveyard contains many curious memorials, including the grave of a victim of graverobbers, Mary Stevenson. The stone shows death with a gravediggers spade standing over the body of a woman.

Monday, 27 June 2011

The Devil's Ring and Finger

Near Mucklestone and Market Drayton (where I spent my wasted youth) the Devil's ring and finger is a suggestively named ringed stone, the probable remains of a neolithic portal tomb. The battle of Blore Heath was waged a mile or so away, and supposedly the farmer digs up a sword or two every now and then. The Tor opposite my childhood home in Fairoak was alleged to be a site of druidic sacrifice, and the knights killed at the battle were buried along its edge. The rocky outcrop had a tomb-like quiet which made me half believe this myth.

Ellis Pyramid of Stonehouse

Rather sinister pyramid tomb in a pretty churchyard in Gloucestershire. As I stood here at midnight on new years eve 2009 I heard screams and ambulance sirens from the streets around me.

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Three sided Pyramid of Woodchester

Three sided Pyramid of the Dunn Family, in the ruined churchyard of old St. Mary's.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Leeds Theosophical Lodge

Here are some (not so great, it was a cloudy day, I had no tripod and the lighting inside isn't amazing) photos from inside the Leeds Theosophical Lodge. The wood paneling is decorated with poker work images of the seasons and arts!

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Baron Hill, Beaumaris

Ah! fool, to choose such part
Of soul-consuming care!
Sense failed in the mortal strife:
Like the watch-tower of a town
Which an earthquake shatters down,
Like a lightning-stricken mast,
Like a wind-uprooted tree
Spun about,
Like a foam-topped water-spout
Cast down headlong in the sea,
She fell at last;
Pleasure past and anguish past,
Is it death or is it life ?

Monday, 6 June 2011

Mary Bateman - Kirk White Poem

In addition, a poem written by Kirk White quoted at the time of Mary's death:

Sleep baby mine, enkerchieft on my bosom,
Thy cries pierce again my bleeding breast;
Sleep, baby, mine, not long thou'lt have a mother,
To lull thee fondly in her arms to rest.

Baby, why dost thy keep this sad complaining?
Long from mine eyes have kindly slumbers fled;
Hush, hush, my babe! The night is quickly waning,
And I would fain compose my aching head.

Poor wayward wretch; and who will heed thy weeping,
When soon an outcast in the world thou'lt be?
Who then will soothe thee when thy mother's sleeping
In her low grave of shame and infamy?

Sleep, baby, mine; tomorrow I must leave thee
And I would snatch and interval of rest;
Sleep these last moments, 'ere the laws bereave thee,
For never more thou'lt press a mother's breast

Mary Bateman in Northern Earth

Its been a tad quiet on the Mary Bateman front of late but I did write a small letter for Nothern Earth about my stance on the issue. This is published in NE 126, which looks to be an interesting issue!