Monday, 27 June 2011

The Devil's Ring and Finger

Near Mucklestone and Market Drayton (where I spent my wasted youth) the Devil's ring and finger is a suggestively named ringed stone, the probable remains of a neolithic portal tomb. The battle of Blore Heath was waged a mile or so away, and supposedly the farmer digs up a sword or two every now and then. The Tor opposite my childhood home in Fairoak was alleged to be a site of druidic sacrifice, and the knights killed at the battle were buried along its edge. The rocky outcrop had a tomb-like quiet which made me half believe this myth.


  1. Is it sitting on the ground or is there a bigger bit under the ground?

  2. Visited the stones today and would like to know how how the furrows in the stones came to be. Are they from natural erosion or man made? Where were the stones originally found and in what configuration? What a fascinating place and it was fortunate to see the stones on such a sunny day.