Saturday, 6 February 2010

My shadow casts me

Last night I had a minah bird found in the fireplace, i held it slick and warm in my hands like august dreamy hot sticky hair. i cannot describe, the endless love, its spirit hopped and skipped through the air a thousand songs of joy to join the pretty clouds of steam that hung above the kitchen table. I dipped it in the water, soap bubbles flash oily rainbows and his feathers split to yellow under the surface, after the flapping wings spray water into the room. Shells catch his bright black eye and swirl down to inspect the fractured surface, a pearl spiral reflected inside, flashed on a retina i see exactly what you see, i feel what you feel i catch the warm air draft free and alone, starving and happy, my body doesnt feel this like you want it to. Then suddenly the jaws of a dog catch the black wing and crush its beautiful design, the perfect seperations twisted and torn, left alone on the floor. i cry for you and hold your broken body.

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