Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Boston Spa - Jackdaw Crag Carvings

Hverfr flows slowly here, the wide, deep waters look calm but complex whirlpools and undercurrents reveal themselves in the sunlight. Boston Spa is a pretty little village, we walked through Holgate orchard, past the 18th century lockup, the greengage tree was full of bright little fruits and mushrooms were springing up everywhere.

The Jackdaw crag carvings are listed as possibly Napoleonic, carved by off-duty church masons. There are numerous military figures and a fine fox. 

The limestone cliffs loom over-top rather threateningly, this is a site of recent tragedy, it is a precarious ledge to get to see the carvings and the  rock above seems loose in places. 

One of the many beautiful spots alongside the Wharfe, we stopped while the boy slept and listened to the sounds of the river, watching the tiny fishes sheltering in the harbour of a tree root.

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