Thursday, 14 July 2011

Beating the Bounds, Psychogeography in Leeds

The designated public places order set around Leeds city centre almost seems like a challenge, especially when you get to hit Bridgewater place with a stick.

We started on Woodhouse Street, where a tram depot would have been placed - if Leeds City Council ever actually followed through with their promises.

Through the LGI back road to the Clarendon wing and Joseph's Well is a veritable gold mine of quirky, kitsch architecture and strange geometric gratings.

Pretty reflections looking like some kind of Sumerian script from the gods.

Me and a friend shared dislike and bad experiences of the Clarendon Wing and its hopeless looking play area overlooking the underpass, with some kind of ventilation shaft filtering the forlorn toys.

We adopted an abandoned shopping trolley, which added a 'trashhumpers' quality to the rest of the proceedings for me.

The space where the international swimming pool was, now leveled and bleak. The walk took us through many empty spaces.

We arrived at Bridgewater Place, silent tower of Babel.

and we kind of scuttled away to find a bus after that, leaving four brave souls to finish the circuit.

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