Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Liverpool William Mackenzie Pyramid Tomb

With the sinister myth of Mackenzie's debt to the devil, the pyramid in St. Andrew's churchyard is a stark contrast with the uptight Georgian streets around it. The church is a desolate shell of a building, currently surrounded in fences and 'danger' signs.

Supposedly the man is sat clutching a hand of cards sat up above ground in the pyramid to cheat the devil of his soul should his body be committed to the ground, although this seems to be a discredit to the character of the man in order to suitably embellish a book about local ghost stories, the pyramid was built over his grave some 16 years past his burial and similar myths float around other pyramid tombs, such as that of Mad Jack Fuller. We can presume its construction was inspired by some grand tour undertaken by his younger brother after William left him his railway building fortune.

A soundwork was recently installed in the graveyard, continuing the myth.

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